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Leading article of our April issue 2014

Dear readers, The article entitled ‘Hip arthroscopy: from the beginning to the future—an innovator’s perspective’ is a reflection on the development and future of the technique. The article chronicles historical...[more]


Leading article of our March 2014 issue

Dear readers, The leading article of our March issue “Determinants of anterior knee pain following total knee replacement: a systematic review“ by Hans-Peter W. van Jonbergen, Joost M. Reuver,...[more]


Leading article of our February 2014 issue

Dear readers, Drs. Michael W. Collins and Freddie H. Fu from the University of Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., introduce their leading article of our February 2014 issue “A comprehensive, targeted approach to the clinical care...[more]


Leading article of our January 2014 issue

Dear readers, Mr. Eduard Alentorn-Geli wrote the leading articles of our January 2014 issue. Herewith, he introduces his important articles “Prevention of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in sports....[more]


Leading article of our December 2013 issue

Dear readers, Mr. Orishimo wrote the leading article of our December issue. Herewith, he introduces his exciting article “Is Valgus Unloader Bracing Effective in Normally-aligned Individuals: Implications for...[more]


Leading article of our November 2013 issue

Dear readers, Dr. Liddle will introduce his exciting leading article "Is Valgus Unloader Bracing Effective in Normally-aligned Individuals: Implications for Post-Surgical Protocols following Cartilage...[more]


Updated Reviewer Instructions

Dear Reviewers, In order to maintain and improve the already exacting standards at the KSSTA Journal, we the Editors-in Chief believe that a review needs to be of a very high quality and conform to...[more]

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