Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy


Leading article of June 2016

Dear reader,   Here follows the introduction to our amazing leading article of this months written by some of the most known experts in this field.    Early osteoarthritis of the knee   by Henning Madry, Elizaveta Kon, Vincenzo Condello, Giuseppe M. Peretti, ... [more]


Editors Choice Reviewer Awards 2016

Congratulations to our winners of the KSSTA Best Reviewer Award 2016: Antonia Chen Jon-Olav Drogset Ryosuke Kuroda   Thank you very much for their outstanding work over the last two ... [more]


Most Active Member and Group of ESSKA - 2016 Award

Dear KSSTA readers, We are proud to announce that Michael Hirschmann, one of our Assistant Editors-in-chief, won the ESSKA award “most active member”. Congratulations, Michael! Additionally, our web-editor, Sebastian Kopf, was also one of the three finalists nominated for the ... [more]


Free online access to the January 2016 issue of our KSSTA journal through June 15

Enjoy free online access to the January 2016 issue of our KSSTA journal through June 15 as a thank you for helping make the 17th ESSKA Congress in Barcelona a success. Download innovative and informative articles and share them with like-minded colleagues and friends. Simply click on this link ... [more]


Leading articles of our May 2016 issue

Dear readers, The leading article of our May theme issue about Meniscus and Cartilage is entitled    Which patients are less likely to improve during the first year after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy? A multivariate analysis of 201 patients with prospective ... [more]


Leading articles of our April 2016 issue

Dear readers, The leading article of this issue is a homage to our lost friend Pau Golanó. It is his classic article “Anatomy of the ankle ligaments: A pictorial essay.” The introduction was written by his pupil and successor: Miki Dalmau-Pastor. Have fun!    Pau ... [more]


Leading articles of our March 2016 issue

Dear readers: Our leading article of the present issue is about an exciting ESSKA initiative for our young patients. The initiative is presented to you by           Håvard Moksnes, Lars Engebretsen, and Romain Seil in their article: The ESSKA ... [more]

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