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Leading article of our April 2015 issue

Hello, The leading article of our April issue is an interesting basic science study about the effect of local anaesthetics on MSCs “Local anesthetic cytotoxicity on human mesenchymal stem cells during chondrogenic...[more]


Leading articles of our March 2015 issue

Dear readers: Two extraordinary articles were chosen as leading articles of our March 2015 issue: 'Art and Science a Unique World' by Rebecca Russo and 'Anatomic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: a...[more]


Editor's Choice Paper Awards 2012-13

The Winner ! - presented during the ESSKA congress in Amsterdam

Dear readers, We proudly announce our Paper Award winners of the ESSKA conference in Amsterdam in 2014:  J. O. Smith • A. J. Wilson • N. P. Thomas “Osteotomy around the knee: evolution, principles and...[more]


Leading articles of our February 2015 issue

Hello, In our just launched February issue, the leading article was written by Pietro Randelli, Davide Cucchi, Vincenza Ragone, Laura de Girolamo, Paolo Cabitza, Mario Randelli and described...[more]


Editor's Choice Paper Awards 2012-13

2nd Award - presented this year during the ESSKA congress in Amsterdam

Expression of b-defensin-4 in "an in vivo and ex vivo model" of human osteoarthritis knee meniscus by G. Musumeci, M. L. Carnazza, R. Leonardi and C. Loreto  Dr. Giuseppe Musumeci, currently works as a...[more]


Leading articles of our November 2014 issue

Dear readers, In our November issue, two exciting leading articles were published “An orthopaedic conquest: the first inter-human tissue transplantation” by Berardo Di Matteo, Vittorio Tarabella, Giuseppe Filardo,...[more]


KSSTA App for iPhone and Android

Dear Readers, The KSSTA App is now live in Apple ITUNES (link below): https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=912751345&mt=8 Also the android version is now live on the Google Play app...[more]

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