Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy


Leading article of April 2018

Hello, 2018 International Olympic Committee consensus statement on prevention, diagnosis and management of paediatric anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries by Clare L. Ardern, Guri Ekå, Hege Grindem, Håvard Moksnes, Allen Anderson, Franck Chotel, Moises Cohen8, ... [more]


Leading article of March 2018

Anatomic patellar instability risk factors in primary lateral patellar dislocations do not predict injury patterns: an MRI-based study by Marc A. Tompkins, Sara R. Rohr, Julie Agel, and Elizabeth A. Arendt   The lead article, “Anatomic ... [more]


Leading article of February 2018

ACL-reconstructed and ACL-deficient individuals show differentiated trunk, hip, and knee kinematics during vertical hops more than 20 years post-injury   Markström JL, Tengman E, Häger CK Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy ... [more]


Best Reviewer Award 2017

Please join us in congratulating the Best Reviewers 2017 for our KSSTA journal: Drs. Baris Kocaoglu (Turkey) and Elmar Herbst (Germany). We appreciate their great work and ... [more]


Leading article of December 2017

Hello, here comes the short introduction to an very interesting article about the new established German Arthroscopy Register (DART) by  Ralf Müller-Rath, Oliver Miltner, Alfred Hochrein, and Philipp Niemeyer. Registries play an important ... [more]


Leading article of November 2017

Dear readers, Our new November issue is all about TKA; thus of course, the exciting leading article of it is a fantastic study about TKA: No difference in range of motion between ultracongruent and posterior stabilized design in total knee arthroplasty: a randomized controlled ... [more]


Leading article of October 2017 #2

Dear readers, We would like to introduce you to our next exciting leading article of this October issue by our well known research group from Porto. Global rotation has high sensitivity in ACL lesions within stress MRI by João Espregueira-Mendes, Renato Andrade, ... [more]