Best reviewers of 2019

We happily present the KSSTA Best Reviewers for 2019 and thank them for their excellent contribution and great work: Riccardo Compagnoni (Italy), Daniel Guenther (Germany) and Kanto Nagai (Japan)

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Published Ahead of Print

Title Date
Novel and reproducible technique coping with intraoperative anchor pullout during arthroscopic rotator cuff repair 2020-03-30
Radiographs are not sufficient for evaluation of component fit in subtle knee pain after total knee arthroplasty 2020-03-27
Europe is in our heart: a strong collaboration of AGA, ESSKA and KSSTA for better science! 2020-03-23
The majority of patients return to athletic activity following biceps tenodesis 2020-03-17
Prevailing disagreement in the treatment of complex patellar instability cases: an online expert survey of the AGA Knee–Patellofemoral Committee 2020-03-17
Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction with allograft versus autograft tissue results in similar recurrent dislocation risk and patient-reported outcomes 2020-03-17
The prevalence of intraarticular associated lesions after acute acromioclavicular joint injuries is 20%. A systematic review and meta-analysis 2020-03-16
Topical co-delivery of platelet rich fibrin and tranexamic acid does not decrease blood loss in primary total knee arthroplasty compared to the standard of care: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial 2020-03-13
Delayed or neglected meniscus tear repair and meniscectomy in addition to ACL reconstruction have similar clinical outcome 2020-03-13
The role of 18 F-FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis of frozen shoulder 2020-03-13
Surgeon-defined assessment is a poor predictor of knee balance in total knee arthroplasty: a prospective, multicenter study 2020-03-13
Osteoarthritic knees have a highly variable patellofemoral alignment: a systematic review 2020-03-12
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with the use of adductor canal block can achieve similar pain control as femoral nerve block 2020-03-12
Meniscoplasty leads to good mid-term to long-term outcomes for children and adolescents with discoid lateral meniscus 2020-03-12
Mismatched knee implants in Indonesian and Dutch patients: a need for increasing the size 2020-03-11
Suture tape augmentation of the lateral ulnar collateral ligament increases load to failure in simulated posterolateral rotatory instability 2020-03-11
A computer tablet software can quantify the deviation of scapula medial border from the thoracic wall during clinical assessment of scapula dyskinesis 2020-03-10
Posterior cruciate ligament lesions are mainly present as combined lesions even in sports injuries 2020-03-10
The space available for the anterior cruciate ligament in the intercondylar notch is less in patients with ACL injury 2020-03-10
Mid-flexion stability in the anteroposterior plane is achieved with a medial congruent insert in cruciate-retaining total knee arthroplasty for varus osteoarthritis 2020-03-10

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