We thank our cherished reviewers!

We thank all our reviewers for their valuable contribution and support. Have a happy and lovely new year!

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Best reviewers of 2018

The KSSTA Editors are very proud and pleased to announce the Best Reviewers 2018. Please join us in congratulating: Hanna Björnsson Hallgren (Sweden), Sufian Ahmad (Germany) and Takeshi Muneta (Japan).  

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KSSTA activity reached a record high

KSSTA activity reached a record all time high in January 2019. A total of 164 manuscripts were submitted in the first month of 2019. And this was in line with our performance in the year of 2018. In 2018, 1750 manuscripts were submitted to KSSTA, which is approximately 10% more

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Published Ahead of Print

Title Date
No difference in patient preference for medial pivot versus posterior-stabilized design in staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty: a prospective study 2020-01-28
Patellar facet ratio affects knee pain, stair climbing and stair descent after TKA without patellar resurfacing 2020-01-27
ACL reconstruction combined with lateral monoloop tenodesis can restore intact knee laxity 2020-01-25
Difficult primary total knee arthroplasty requiring a varus–valgus constrained implant is at higher risk of periprosthetic infection 2020-01-25
Ligament stabilization improved clinical and radiographic outcomes for individuals with chronic ankle instability and medial ankle osteoarthritis 2020-01-23
Anterior-stabilized TKA is inferior to posterior-stabilized TKA in terms of postoperative posterior stability and knee flexion in osteoarthritic knees: a prospective randomized controlled trial with bilateral TKA 2020-01-22
Increased survival rate for primary TKA with tibial short extension stems for severe varus deformities at a minimum of 2 years follow-up 2020-01-21
Varus alignment of the proximal tibia is associated with structural progression in early to moderate varus osteoarthritis of the knee 2020-01-21
Multi-radius posterior-stabilized mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty partially produces in-vivo medial pivot during activity of daily living and high demanding motor task 2020-01-18
Patients undergoing shoulder surgery have high preoperative expectations 2020-01-07
No difference between single and staged posterolateral corner surgical procedures in the multiligament injured/dislocated knee 2020-01-07
Patient satisfaction and perception of success after total knee arthroplasty are more strongly associated with patient factors and complications than surgical or anaesthetic factors 2020-01-06
Differentiating factors of intra-articular injectables have a meaningful impact on knee osteoarthritis outcomes: a network meta-analysis 2020-01-03
Varus deformity in the proximal tibia and immediate postoperative varus alignment result in varus progression in limb alignment in the long term after total knee arthroplasty 2020-01-03
Voluntary femoro-tibial subluxations: a benign differential diagnosis in the snapping knee of a child 2020-01-02
Subacromial balloon spacer implantation for patients with massive irreparable rotator cuff tears achieves satisfactory clinical outcomes in the short and middle of follow-up period: a meta-analysis 2020-01-02
Protracted alterations in muscle activation strategies and knee mechanics in patients after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 2020-01-02
Safety and efficacy of matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte implantation with spheroid technology is independent of spheroid dose after 4 years 2020-01-02
Thank you for 2019 2020-01-01
Ankle arthroscopy: the wave that’s coming 2020-01-01

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