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We happily present the KSSTA Best Reviewers for 2019 and thank them for their excellent contribution and great work: Riccardo Compagnoni (Italy), Daniel Guenther (Germany) and Kanto Nagai (Japan)

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We thank all our reviewers for their valuable contribution and support. Have a happy and lovely new year!

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Published Ahead of Print

Title Date
Articular cartilage repair using autologous collagen-induced chondrogenesis (ACIC): a pragmatic and cost-effective enhancement of a traditional technique 2020-02-17
Two-millimetre diameter operative arthroscopy of the ankle is safe and effective 2020-02-17
No difference in radiolucent lines after TKA: a matched-pair analysis of the classic implant and its evolutional design 2020-02-15
Anterior cruciate ligament—return to sport after injury scale: validation of the Norwegian language version 2020-02-15
Graft bending angle of the reconstructed posterior cruciate ligament gradually decreases as knee flexion increases 2020-02-15
The novel arthroscopic subscapular quadriceps tendon–bone sling procedure provides increased stability in shoulder cadavers with severe glenoid bone loss 2020-02-14
Partial lateral meniscus anterior root injuries during anatomical single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction are likely to occur in women with small skeletons 2020-02-14
Postoperative bone marrow edema lasts no more than 6 months after uncomplicated arthroscopic double-row rotator cuff repair with PEEK anchors 2020-02-14
Closing-wedge high tibial osteotomy, a reliable procedure for osteoarthritic varus knee 2020-02-13
Correlation between the presence of herniation pit and femoroacetabular impingement: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2020-02-13
Weight-bearing status affects in vivo kinematics following mobile-bearing unicompartmental knee arthroplasty 2020-02-13
The majority of patellar avulsion fractures in first-time acute patellar dislocations included the inferomedial patellar border that was different from the medial patellofemoral ligament attachment 2020-02-13
Anterior rotator cable disruption does not affect outcomes in rotator cuff tear with subscapularis involvement 2020-02-13
Management of traumatic meniscus tears: the 2019 ESSKA meniscus consensus 2020-02-13
No clinical differences at the 2-year follow-up between single radius and J-curve medial pivot total knee arthroplasty in the treatment of neutral or varus knees 2020-02-13
Lifetime revision risk for medial unicompartmental knee replacement is lower than expected 2020-02-12
Promising clinical and magnetic resonance imaging results after internal bracing of acute posterior cruciate ligament lesions in multiple injured knees 2020-02-12
A change in scope: redefining minimally invasive 2020-02-11
Plantaris tendon: a novel graft for anterolateral ligament reconstruction and additional reinforcement for anterior cruciate ligament autografts in combined reconstructive procedures 2020-02-11
Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate- and anterolateral ligament deficient knee with a modified iliotibial graft reduces instability more than with an intra-articular hamstring graft 2020-02-10

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