Best reviewers of 2018

The KSSTA Editors are very proud and pleased to announce the Best Reviewers 2018. Please join us in congratulating: Hanna Björnsson Hallgren (Sweden), Sufian Ahmad (Germany) and Takeshi Muneta (Japan).  

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KSSTA activity reached a record high

KSSTA activity reached a record all time high in January 2019. A total of 164 manuscripts were submitted in the first month of 2019. And this was in line with our performance in the year of 2018. In 2018, 1750 manuscripts were submitted to KSSTA, which is approximately 10% more

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KSSTA Partner Programme launched with AGA and SFA

  Dear Friends, We are always happy to come bearing good news! In yet another milestone for ESSKA and especially for KSSTA, an official “Journal Partner Society Programme” agreement has been signed with our Affiliated Societies — AGA – Society for Arthoscopy and Joint Surgery and  SFA — French-speaking Arthroscopy

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ISSN 1433-7347 Online

Published Ahead of Print

Title Date
Arthroscopic repair of horizontal cleavage meniscus tears provides good clinical outcomes in spite of poor meniscus healing 2019-11-20
The SIFK score: a validated predictive model for arthroplasty progression after subchondral insufficiency fractures of the knee 2019-11-20
Selective bundle tensioning in double-bundle MPFL reconstruction to improve restoration of dynamic patellofemoral contact pressure 2019-11-18
High prevalence of hip and groin problems in professional ice hockey players, regardless of playing position 2019-11-16
Isolated gracilis tendon harvesting is not associated with loss of strength and maintains good functional outcome 2019-11-16
Intraoperative fluoroscopy reduces the variability in femoral tunnel placement during single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 2019-11-15
Endoscopic anatomic ligament reconstruction is a reliable option to treat chronic lateral ankle instability 2019-11-14
No effect of vancomycin powder to prevent infection in primary total knee arthroplasty: a retrospective review of 976 cases 2019-11-14
Contralateral and siblings’ knees are at higher risk of ACL tear for patients with a positive history of ACL tear 2019-11-14
Anxiety is the cause of the worse outcomes of allergic patients after total knee arthroplasty 2019-11-13
Structural allograft impaction enables fast rehabilitation in opening-wedge high tibial osteotomy: a consecutive case series with one year follow-up 2019-11-12
Posterior bony Bankart bridge technique results in reliable clinical 2-year outcomes and high return to sports rate for the treatment of posterior bony Bankart lesions 2019-11-09
Preoperative soft tissue laxity around knee was associated with less accurate alignment correction after hybrid closed-wedge high tibial osteotomy 2019-11-08
Rotation or flexion alters mechanical leg axis measurements comparably in patients with different coronal alignment 2019-11-08
Anthropometry of the medial tibial plateau in the Chinese population: the morphometric analysis and adaptability with Oxford Phase III tibial components 2019-11-07
Correction to: Arthroscopic primary repair of proximal anterior cruciate ligament tears seems safe but higher level of evidence is needed: a systematic review and meta-analysis of recent literature 2019-11-06
High congruency MB insert design: stabilizing knee joint even with PCL deficiency 2019-11-06
Stiffness and shape of the ACL graft affects tunnel enlargement and graft wear 2019-11-06
Varus or valgus positioning of the tibial component of a unicompartmental fixed-bearing knee arthroplasty does not increase wear 2019-11-05
Notchplasty alters knee biomechanics after anatomic ACL reconstruction 2019-11-05

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