Best reviewers of 2018

The KSSTA Editors are very proud and pleased to announce the Best Reviewers 2018. Please join us in congratulating: Hanna Björnsson Hallgren (Sweden), Sufian Ahmad (Germany) and Takeshi Muneta (Japan).  

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KSSTA activity reached a record high

KSSTA activity reached a record all time high in January 2019. A total of 164 manuscripts were submitted in the first month of 2019. And this was in line with our performance in the year of 2018. In 2018, 1750 manuscripts were submitted to KSSTA, which is approximately 10% more

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KSSTA Partner Programme launched with AGA and SFA

  Dear Friends, We are always happy to come bearing good news! In yet another milestone for ESSKA and especially for KSSTA, an official “Journal Partner Society Programme” agreement has been signed with our Affiliated Societies — AGA – Society for Arthoscopy and Joint Surgery and  SFA — French-speaking Arthroscopy

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Published Ahead of Print

Title Date
Operative treatment of torsional humeral shaft fractures in throwers leads to an earlier return to sport: a survey of expert shoulder and elbow surgeons 2019-10-14
Anatomic femoral tunnel placement is difficult by the transtibial technique: comparison of three different femoral tunnel drilling techniques in double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions 2019-10-14
A pre-operative grade 3 J-sign adversely affects short-term clinical outcome and is more likely to yield MPFL residual graft laxity in recurrent patellar dislocation 2019-10-14
Minimally invasive reconstruction technique for chronic Achilles tendon tears allows rapid return to walking and leads to good functional recovery 2019-10-13
The visual arts and medical education 2019-10-12
Vertical ground reaction force and knee muscle activation asymmetries in patients with ACL reconstruction compared to healthy individuals 2019-10-09
Cartilage damage at the time of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is associated with weaker quadriceps function and lower risk of future ACL injury 2019-10-09
Increased lateral meniscal slope is associated with greater incidence of lateral bone contusions in noncontact ACL injury 2019-10-08
The influence of femoral and tibial bony anatomy on valgus OA of the knee 2019-10-08
Intra-articular injection of culture-expanded mesenchymal stem cells with or without addition of platelet-rich plasma is effective in decreasing pain and symptoms in knee osteoarthritis: a controlled, double-blind clinical trial 2019-10-05
Moving forward in hip arthroscopy and related research 2019-10-01
Achilles tendinosis does not always precede Achilles tendon rupture 2019-10-01
Arthroscopic irrigation and debridement is associated with favourable short-term outcomes vs. open management: an ACS-NSQIP database analysis 2019-10-01
Accelerated rehabilitation results in good outcomes following acute repair of proximal hamstring ruptures 2019-10-01
Double-row rotator cuff repairs lead to more intensive pain during the early postoperative period but have a lower risk of residual pain than single-row repairs 2019-10-01
Virtual reality hip arthroscopy simulator demonstrates sufficient face validity 2019-10-01
Arthroscopic repair of HAGL lesions yields good clinical results, but may not allow return to former level of sport 2019-10-01
Repair and augmentation of the lateral collateral ligament complex using internal bracing in dislocations and fracture dislocations of the elbow restores stability and allows early rehabilitation 2019-10-01
Anatomic ligament consolidation of the superior acromioclavicular ligament and the coracoclavicular ligament complex after acute arthroscopically assisted double coracoclavicular bundle stabilization 2019-10-01
Slope-reducing tibial osteotomy decreases ACL-graft forces and anterior tibial translation under axial load 2019-10-01

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