Dear Friends of KSSTA,

We have seen the KSSTA journal growing and becoming strong over the years, even celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2017! Those of us involved in the journal — some of us on a daily basis — are extremely proud of our journal. In fact, we can proudly say that it is now one of the leading journals in the world, both in the categories of orthopaedics and sports sciences.

KSSTA has evolved and increased in size and content — this has happened year by year. Looking back 10 years, the journal has increased in size from 90 pages per month to 325 pages per month, and at the same time the Impact Factor has increased every year and is now well above 3. Again, we strongly feel that we are well established as a “3+ journal”. But, we aim higher, of course. That can only be done by attracting and publishing the very best papers.

We count on more than 650 reviewers and without their tireless work there would be no journal. The high-quality work by the reviewers is reflected by an increasing number of published papers with high scientific impact. We are immensely grateful to the reviewers doing high-quality work week after week. The only reward for doing good work is more work, as we all know. Thank you reviewers, for your good and timely work. Thank you very much, again.

We have seen a significant increase in the number of published articles. Currently, we publish around 40 papers every month. Our rejection rate is high, however, we are thankful to authors for considering our journal for publication of thier scientific work even when we are unable to accept all the submissions.

We hope to continue on this progressive path with our team of editors, reviewers and by encouraging authors to submit more high-quality work.

Kind regards,
Jón Karlsson
KSSTA Editor-in-Chief