Style and language

Currently, KSSTA can only accept manuscripts written in good quality English language. Spelling should be British English. KSSTA will not routinely edit submitted manuscripts for style or language. Authors are advised to write brief and concise. It helps to have yourmanuscript checked by your colleagues before submission to KSSTA.

Typo, syntax or grammatical errors should be avoided at all means, as these do not increase the confidence of your reviewer into the quality of your manuscript. Reviewers may advise rejection of a manuscript if it is compromised by many typo, syntax or grammatical errors.

In-house copyediting will be minimal. Non-native speakers of English may choose to make use of a copyediting service.


  • Do not hyphenate words at line breaks.
  • Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines.
  • Capitalise only the first word, and proper nouns, in the title.
  • All pages should be consecutively numbered.
  • Exactly follow the KSSTA reference format.
  • Footnotes are not allowed, but endnotes are permitted.
  • Please do not format the text in multiple columns.
  • Greek and other special characters may be included. If you are unable to reproduce a particular special character, please type out the name of the symbol in full.

Please ensure that all special characters used are embedded in the text, otherwise they will be lost during conversion to PDF.

SI units should be used.