Best reviewers of 2018

The KSSTA Editors are very proud and pleased to announce the Best Reviewers 2018. Please join us in congratulating:

Hanna Björnsson Hallgren (Sweden),

Sufian Ahmad (Germany) and

Takeshi Muneta (Japan).


KSSTA activity reached a record high

KSSTA activity reached a record all time high in January 2019. A total of 164 manuscripts were submitted in the first month of 2019. And this was in line with our performance in the year of 2018. In 2018, 1750 manuscripts were submitted to KSSTA, which is approximately 10% more than the previous year. We hope to get even more attention this year, thanks to our editors’ and reviewers’ hard and distinguished work.

KSSTA Partner Programme launched with AGA and SFA

The MoUs between ESSKA and the two Journal Partner Societies, AGA and SFA, were signed during the Glasgow Congress in May 2018. (From L) ESSKA Past President Romain Seil, AGA representative Peter Angele, SFA representative Johannes Barth and KSSTA Editor-in-Chief Jón Karlsson.


Dear Friends,

We are always happy to come bearing good news!

In yet another milestone for ESSKA and especially for KSSTA, an official “Journal Partner Society Programme” agreement has been signed with our Affiliated Societies — AGA – Society for Arthoscopy and Joint Surgery and  SFA — French-speaking Arthroscopy Society.

ESSKA, with the goal of taking forward KSSTA’s editorial excellence and broadening its audience and impact, developed this partnership programme aimed at world-wide selected scientific Societies likely to contribute to achieving these goals.

An editorial member from each Society has been selected to serve as a liaison between the Societies and KSSTA to co-ordinate publication of submissions from the two Societies.

Peter Angele will serve as the KSSTA-AGA Associate Editor while Nicolas Pujol will be the KSSTA-SFA Associate Editor and both will encourage their Society members to submit quality scientific papers to the journal. They will assist in selecting and editing submissions by their Society members for publication, following final approval by the KSSTA Editor-in-Chief.

We are looking forward to a mutually-beneficial partnership and to taking KSSTA to an even-higher scientific level.

Please join us in welcoming this positive development as well as Peter and Nicolas in our team!

Kind regards,

Jón Karlsson

KSSTA Editor-in-Chief