Farewell Message to Dr. Ayeni

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with a sense of both immense appreciation and nostalgia that we announce the departure of Professor Olufemi Ayeni from his esteemed role as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for our KSSTA journal. After serving with exceptional dedication and expertise, Professor Ayeni has decided to step down, marking the end of an era for our precious journal. But, he will not really step down, as he been appointed the new Editor-in-Chief of JISAKOS. And, we congratulate him and wish him well.

During his tenure as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Femi has been a beacon of professionalism and a driving force behind the journal’s success. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his vast knowledge in the field of knee surgery, sports traumatology, and arthroscopy have significantly contributed to the high-quality publications that have graced the pages of KSSTA.

Beyond his editorial responsibilities, Professor Ayeni has been an invaluable mentor and advisor to countless researchers and clinicians. His willingness to share insights and provide guidance has had a profound impact on the careers of many aspiring professionals. We are deeply grateful for his willingness to invest his time and energy in nurturing the next generation of scholars.

As we bid farewell to Professor Ayeni, we reflect on the lasting legacy he leaves behind. His meticulous attention to detail, his ability to bring out the best in authors’ work, and his unwavering commitment to advancing the field have left an indelible mark on KSSTA. His contributions have elevated the journal’s reputation, making our journal an even more respected platform.

On behalf of the editorial board and the entire KSSTA community, we extend our sincerest gratitude to Professor Olufemi Ayeni for his exceptional service and dedication. We wish him continued success in all his future endeavors and we know that his path will be filled with new and exciting opportunities.

Best regards, on behalf of the whole Editorial Team,

Professor Jón Karlsson