KSSTA Awards 2016-2017

We proudly introduce the winners of various KSSTA Awards 2016-2017, presented at the 18th ESSKA Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

KSSTA-Jón Karlsson Young Researcher Award in Clinical Science

(From L to R) ESSKA President Romain Seil, Össur representative, Elmar Herbst, Sufian Ahmad, KSSTA editor-in-Chief Jón Karlsson and ESSKA Education Secretary Martin Lind at the Award Session, 18th ESSKA Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
  • Elmar Herbst (Germany)
  • Sufian Ahmad (Switzerland)

KSSTA Best Paper Award

  • F. Stensbirk et al: Iliotibial band autograft versus bone-patella-tendon-bone autograft, a possible alternative for ACL reconstruction: a 15-year prospective randomized controlled trial
  • S. Ulstein et al: Microfracture technique vs osteochondral autologous transplantation mosaicplasty in patients with articular chondral lesions of the knee: a prospective

2017 KSSTA Best Reviewer Award

  • Elmar Herbst (Germany)
  • Baris Kocoaglu (Turkey)

2016 KSSTA Best Reviewer Award

  • Nobuo Adachi (Japan)
  • Gunnar Knutsen (Norway)
  • Reha Tandogan (Turkey)