Dear Reviewers,

We, the Editors, believe that a review needs to be of a very high quality and conform to a standardised format in order to maintain and improve the already exacting standards at the KSSTA Journal. By asking our reviewers to adhere to the stringent standards (set out below ), we believe it is the highest compliment and the most useful feedback we can give to our authors. Therefore, when reviewing a manuscript we ask you to please pay meticulous attention to every part of the manuscript.
Please indicate your publishing recommendation by selecting the appropriate one from the drop-down box menu.
Place all comments for the author(s) in the “Comments to the Author” box.

N.B. the editor may submit your remarks in this box verbatim to the author or, may compose a summary of your review, with or without the comments of other reviewers, to the author.

The first assessment is confidential and should be placed within the section “Confidential Comments to the Editor” and include the following:

  • General comment about the manuscript
  • Originality of idea
  • Scientific content
  • Length of the manuscript
  • Recommendation as to whether it should be accepted, revised or rejected.

The second assessment should be placed within the section “Comments to the Author” and should be structured under the headings as set out below. Finally under each heading there are specifically prepared questions and aspects which we would like you to consider as you perform your review.

General Comments
Levels of evidence
Methods and materials
Remember that as authors we can and may benefit from a critical review from a good reviewer in the near future. Reviews, therefore, have to be undertaken and completed in a critically constructive manner thereby encouraging authors to achieve the level of excellence in critical writing demanded by KSSTA. Many may never be published in KSSTA and we currently have a 70 to 80% rejection rate but our overall aim is to encourage not to discourage.

A benefit to you as a reviewer is the constant exposure to new scientific information, which will offer positive benefits to you in your roles as teacher and author.

On behalf the KSSTA Editorial Team, I would like to send you all my profound thanks for agreeing to act as a reviewer and continuing to uphold the standards of our Journal.

Jón Karlsson
KSSTA Editor-in-Chief